Nuru International

Nuru International

Nuru International offers meaningful choices to farmers that enable them to lift themselves out of extreme poverty. Nuru helps smallholder farmers move from subsistence farming to farming as a business by decreasing hunger, increasing agricultural productivity, and increasing income. Nuru has supported the creation of local Nuru-affiliated NGOs in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Nigeria who have supported the development of over 40 local farmer cooperatives and improved the lives of more than 130,000 people.Nuru works in places where many other organizations are either unable or unwilling to go, because we believe we have a part to play in creating a more just and equitable world.

Our team is composed of people who have come from both the Peace Corps and the Marine Corps, from the humanitarian sector and the business sector.

We believe that everyone has a contribution to make toward ending extreme poverty, and that we should be using our resources to do just that.

Nuru’s contribution toward ending extreme poverty is centered in areas that are likely to be the last hold-outs for lasting change as the world pushes toward ending this atrocity in our lifetime.

We believe that the best way to solve a problem like extreme poverty is to come alongside a community and work together with them for a solution—the best solutions emerge from resourceful local people, and Nuru works to unleash that knowledge so farmers and their families can live a life of opportunity and purpose.

We envision a future for these communities where young people won’t remember a time when their community lived in poverty. Together, we can make that future a reality, and cultivate lasting meaningful choices in the most vulnerable and marginalized communities in the world.

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