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Pebble Tossers

Pebble Tossers is a youth development organization located in Atlanta, Georgia with a volunteer youth base of over 2,000. Our mission is to empower and equip youth to lead through service. Pebble Tossers, founded in 2008 by two mothers who recognized that there was a lack of service opportunities for youth and the need for a central resource to connect kids with age-appropriate volunteer projects, has become one of Atlanta's premier youth development nonprofits in Atlanta, enabling youth to lead through service. In partnering with 65 vetted nonprofit partners across Metro Atlanta, Pebble Tossers creates pathways for youth to engage in volunteerism in order to effect real change in their communities and to develop lifelong leadership skills. In the first 13 years, Pebble Tossers has engaged 20,700 youth in service in Metro Atlanta. 

Pebble Tossers projects focus on 12 major cause areas which include the Arts, Animals, Citizenship and Social Justice, Education and Literacy, the Elderly, Environment, Families in Crisis, Fragile Children, Global Awareness, Homeless, Hunger, and U.S. Troops and Veterans. At its founding, Pebble Tossers recognized a community-wide need and thereby provides service-related youth development programming including character-building and leadership development workshops and enrichment opportunities. These programs help youth serve, lead, and succeed.

These programs utilize a unique service-learning curriculum incorporated with social-emotional learning, principles of Positive Psychology, Positive Youth Development, and social justice awareness that will help youth serve, lead, and succeed. The three pillars of our programming culminate in three outcomes: Pebble Tossers’ volunteers possess relevant, applicable tactical and soft skills to succeed in school and careers; Pebble Tossers are active, unbiased and engaged citizens; and Pebble Tossers make socially responsible and healthy life choices. When these long-term outcomes are achieved, Pebble Tossers will have achieved our ultimate vision of developing youth into life-long volunteers. 

Pebble Tossers provides all the materials and supplies needed for projects, including snacks and refreshments for our volunteers and those we serve. Additionally, Pebble Tossers provides trained staff resources, and timely and relevant information and logistics for each project so volunteers know what to expect before they arrive (parking instructions, clothing attire, and more).

Beyond the day-of-volunteer experience, Pebble Tossers offers members a personalized dashboard to track volunteer hours and favorite service projects and provides printed transcripts of volunteer service. Pebble Tossers also offers youth leadership and character development workshops, as well as “Toolbox Resources” for youth and families, including “Table Talk” and “How-To” sheets for families to discuss and process together issues such as serving the homeless or working with the elderly.

** Give safely, control your data and get rewards.

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