Marshall Legacy Institute

Marshall Legacy Institute

The Marshall Legacy Institute (MLI) was founded by General Gordon R. Sullivan in 1997 in efforts to extend the vision & legacy of Nobel Peace Laureate George C. Marshall. MLI’s mission is to locate, secure, and apply skills and resources to alleviate suffering, restore hope, and create conditions that nurture stability in countries affected by conflict.

For many nations, a primary obstacle to achieving sustainable progress and stability is the deadly legacy of landmines, the relics of armed conflicts that often ended long ago. Landmines halt agricultural production, impede economic growth, slow the return of refugees, instill fear, and kill and maim innocent citizens on a daily basis, injuring or killing at least one person every 40 minutes. Therefore, MLI’s Mine Action programs provide landmine-affected countries with the resources & training they need to rid their soil of this horrific scourge and address their long-term impacts. Our Social Impact programs address many of the myriad other humanitarian issues facing countries recovering from war, such as poor economic opportunities for vulnerable women, lingering tensions between ethnic and religious groups, and a lack of educational and leadership development opportunities for youth.

All of MLI’s programs aim to restore dignity and enhance quality of life for people living in conflict-impacted countries; the focus is on building practical, affordable, and sustainable indigenous humanitarian programs.

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