A Conversation with Art Taylor, President and CEO of BBB WGA

What compels you to give? How do you do like to give?, a conversation with Art Taylor, President and CEO of BBB Wise Giving Alliance

Spend 30 minutes over "coffee" discussing what groups compel you to give and how you select the causes that mean the most to you when giving. Do you have a plan each year or do you give spontaneously? Do you give to the same organizations over and over or do you spread your generous donations out over many groups and causes? Do you give in other ways through volunteering, serving on a board, donating crypto and other property?

**We'll email you and the other participants to set up a time!**

For just under two decades, Art has been the president and CEO of the BBB Wise Giving Alliance. As head of the Alliance, he oversees all aspects of the organization’s work, which includes setting standards for soliciting organizations, evaluating charities in relation to these standards, publishing the Wise Giving Guide, assisting local BBB charity review programs, promoting charity accountability and providing a variety of resources on informed giving to individual, institutional and business donors.

Art has served on numerous non-profit boards throughout his career. He was vice chair of Independent Sector, where he was a board member from 1998 to 2003. He has been a trustee of Franklin & Marshall College since 1993. He is a Vestry Member and Senior Warden of Christ Episcopal Church, Clinton Md. Parrish.

Early in his career, Mr. Taylor worked for Keystone Foods Corporation, UGI Corporation and Deloitte & Touche LLP, where he obtained the status: Certified Public Accountant. Before joining the Alliance, Mr. Taylor headed the Opportunities Industrialization Centers of America, Inc. (OICA).

Art is a graduate of Franklin and Marshall College and also received an honorary Dr. of Laws from his alma mater in 2002. He received a J.D. from Temple University James E. Beasley School of Law, and was admitted to the Pennsylvania Bar in 1989. While at the BBB Wise Giving Alliance, Art lectures at Columbia University School of Professional Studies within its Non-Profit Management Program.