Register as a Donor to Use GiveSafely Donation Portal

What Happens When You Register

  • Your account is created on the Website.
  • A wallet is created on the blockchain to receive and store your TrustTokens.
  • In the future, your username and profile image will be displayed on your profile.
  • Your username and profile image are stored on the website database. Nothing else. When you donate to a charity or get rewards, the information you enter is transmitted directly and securely via the blockchain.
  • Your access to the donation portal and to your rewards wallet is locked. It can be opened with an Account Key. This Account Key can not be recovered or reset, so write it down and do not lose it.

Register to Give Safely and Get Rewards


Sign up to get your secure Account Key to make donations on the Givesafely Donation Portal and open your GivingPoints Wallet.

  • This username will appear in the URL of your donation page so be sure NOT to use a personal name or email address. Ideally, you would use your Charity's name.
  • Upload
  • Here is Your Account Key

  • Use it to unlock and use the GiveSafely Donation Portal and your TrustTokens.
    Your Account Key gives you access to your account and is not stored anywhere. It is not recoverable. If it is reset, your TrustTokens will be lost. Write it down!
  • The Donation Portal and your Rewards Wallet are locked and protected with the strongest technology. You will unlock the portal and your wallet with this Account Key.