Creating Your Charity’s Account with

  • To Register

    Visit the Charity Registration page.

    Review, sign and email us your GiveSafely Charity Agreement.

  • A Note on Approval

    1. Once you submit your profile, we will lightly review your materials. As when you submit your program descriptions for the reports, we review the language for objectivity and for accuracy. We’ll write you with any suggested edits.

    2. Once approved, your charity profile will go live, and you will be able to receive donations.

    3. We will provide you with a button for your website to direct donors to your page on the platform.
  • Account Key

    1. When you sign up you will receive an Account Key. It is unique and is not stored anywhere. We do not have a copy of it. Please write it down in a few places and save it in your browser.

    2. If you lose the Account Key we will have to re-set your account and you will lose all data stored on the account.

  • You will be asked to enter the following information:

    1. Username - Use your charity name or some variation thereof. You will use this to log in to your account and it will appear in the URL of your donation page. Do not use a personal name or email address. It will read
    2. Contact Name - Main contact person in the organization for GiveSafely
    3. Contact Title
    4. Contact Person Email - This email address will receive an email notification when donations are made or reward experiences are redeemed
    5. Charity Name
    6. Charity Website - Your Website
    7. Logo - This image should be 400px x 160px for best results.
    8. Short Summary of Your Organization - This is under your logo on the page where all charities are listed. Your mission would be a good fit. We suggest you include your charity name in the first sentence.. "GiveSafely works to..."
    9. About Your Charity - This will populate your profile. Your profile will include the 'short summary' text and then what you type in this box. We can edit it/update it in the future too. 
    10. Hero Image - This image will be behind your charity name and logo on your profile. It should be 820px x 312px.
    11. BBB WGA Link -The link to your report on, please use TinyURL or a similar service if the link is too long. 
    12. Charity Category - Environment, health, etc. Check all that apply.
    13. Donation Addresses
    • Crypto wallet addresses (optional, can add later- see crypto section for details on getting these addresses)
      • Bitcoin - Your Bitcoin address if you have one
      • Ethereum - Your Ethereum address if you have one
      • Ardor - This comes pre-populated as it is tied to your profile.
        • Note that Ardor is much much less used than Bitcoin and Ethereum and converting it to USD takes an extra step. We include the option since GiveSafely is built on and secured by the Ardor blockchain. I'd be happy to explain at any point. 
        • If you do NOT want to receive Ardor donations, delete the address. We can always help you add it back later.
    • PayPal Account (the email address that your charity uses to accept PayPal donations)

    **Note that this profile information is stored on our server, not on the blockchain

  • Note About Cryptocurrency Wallet Addresses


    • Each specific cryptocurrency has its own wallet type.
    • If you try to send Bitcoin to an Ethereum wallet, or Ardor to a Bitcoin wallet, etc., the cryptocurrency is lost forever.
    • For more info see the Cryptocurrency How-To guide.